Transcritical Booster Systems


Simple integrated systems designed
for supermarket applications.



Each Onyx unit harnesses the advantages of CO2 through an integrated multi-temperature solution.


Units feature a two-stage compression cycle with a common condenser and liquid line for medium temperature (MT) and low temperature (LT) applications. This two-stage design prevents significant losses as big heat exchangers aren’t necessary to condense the LT side. Just one way in which this range ensures efficiency.


Meticulously-designed suction temperature controls and oil reticulation add to each system’s durability.


A UPS system manages important valves and keeps pressure stable during a power failure.

Each unit includes a frequency inverter fitted on the compressor, electronic expansion valvesspeed-controlled condenser fans and detailed, user-friendly controls.

This range enables you to reclaim waste heat for domestic hot water use or space heating.
The Onyx range
TCB-2/1 TCB-3/2 TCB-4/2 TCB-5/2
Number of compressors –MT/LT 2/1 3/2 4/2 5/2
MT capacity (kW) 75 – 115 126 – 155 150 – 192 187 – 250
LT capacity (kW) 7 – 11 14 – 22 14 – 33 14 – 33
Frequency range (Hz) 30 – 80 30 – 80 30 – 80 30 – 80

* Data shown for the following parameters: Tgco = 26˚C